Nadia [The painter]

My artwork is nothing more than appreciating and preserving all the beauty scattered around. The more I expand my mind in observing the more I develop an attitude of gratitude towards the Master Creator. Couldn’t agree more with Friedrich Nietzsche when he says:

The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.

Indian Miniature painting is one way of expressing myself out of many others because it has that illustrative beauty and power to engage the viewer in a conversation with itself, what ever it says to the viewer, is the right message. I’ve copied from many master painters with pride, to appreciate them as well as mastering the technique. For contemporary works I have dared to paint Islamic religious text in visual form, primarily because of its descriptive beauty, and than to educate, of how religion is in perfect harmony with the very nature of human beings. Other than that my subjects have been popular myths, portraits, fantasy and everyday objects which I worked with all sorts of different mediums.

Traveling in different continents, relocating at many places, living between different cultures, being able to experience different art forms, I’ve learned one thing;

“Art in any form is a universal language with no boundaries, it doesn’t require rules, words even expressions but it communicates and touches anyone and everyone”


Nadia [The Edible Artist]

I started working as an Edible Artist/Cake artist in 2011 when the first time my son asked me to make a dinosaur cake for him. At that time I had no idea how it was done, but an old friend who now lives in Bahrain helped me realize my potential in making decorated and sculpted cakes and cake toppers. Completely self-taught through books, tutorials and youtube, than I thought about doing the certifications through Wiltons and became a Wilton's method instructor for cake decoration in Edmonton Alberta since 2013. It's so much fun, I treat my cakes  like my canvas, where I play with sugar, fondant, icings and chocolate to develop Luscious cake art that can inspire all of our senses.